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 Saturday September 23, 2017
9 AM to 1 PM 
This event replaces the Mercer County Country Tour
Please inform us upon arrival at the park if you have traveled outside of the United States within the past 7 days 

 Tickets are also available at these locations:

                                                                           Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce
                                                                           Mercer Area Chamber of Commerce
                                                                           Grove City Area Chamber of Commerce
                                                                           Shenango Valley Chamber of Commerce 
                                                                           Mercer County Penn State Extension Office 


 Welcome to Mercer County!
Mercer County holds a wealth of opportunity to offer the ag producer and agribusiness owner!
40% of the population in the United States and Canada are within a 500 mile radius of our county.

Why is Mercer County
Agricultural Economy So Strong?

  • Well built Infrastructure
  • Community Commitment
    to Agriculture
  • Land Availability
  • Climate

What Supports Mercer County’s Agricultural Heritage?

  • Country Tour
  • Agricultural Career Days
  • Farmers Markets
  • Agricultural Land 
    Preservation Programs
  • Educational Programs

What Else Can
Mercer County Offer Me?

  • Excellent educational
    systems from primary
    to university level
  • Top 20 Rated Shopping in the United States
  • Various sites & attractions
  • Economic development opportunities

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