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Mobile Ag Ed Science Lab Scholarship
While agriculture is Pennsylvania’s #1 industry, many of today’s students do not make the connection between agriculture and the food on their table.  In response to this need for agricultural education, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau developed the Mobile Ag Ed Science Lab, which brings agricultural education to Pennsylvania schools.

The Mobile Ag Ed Science Lab, complete with all supplies and a certified teacher, travels to a different elementary or middle school in Pennsylvania each week.  The lab is designed to target grades 3 through 7, but curriculum is also available for grades K-2. A 32 ft. trailer, complete with heating and air conditioning, the mobile lab contains 12 work stations.  Each station provides space for 2-3 students to complete hands-on experiments.  The lab accommodates up to 900 students per week, by teaching (5-6) 50 minute science classes per day. In addition to a teacher and all supplies, the lab comes equipped with a supply of educational resources (videos, books, etc.) that the classroom teacher can use to further enhance and supplement the lab experiment.  The science curriculum taught meets Pennsylvania Department of Education Science & Technology and Environment & Ecology Standards and is endorsed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.  The children perform hands-on science experiments, each teaching a lesson in agriculture.

The cost of this unique and valuable learning experience is $2300.00/week.  The Mercer County Agricultural Development Council, with a mission of promoting agricultural development and rural conservation in Mercer County, has awarded two $800.00 scholarships in 2008 and two $500.00 scholarships in 2009.  For information on this ongoing scholarship application process, please contact the Mercer County Agricultural Development Council at 724-662-3141. For more information on the Mobile Ag Ed Science Lab or to view the Lab schedule, please visit

Ken Seamans Memorial Scholarship
Established in June 2009, this fund will honor the memory of Ken Seamans, who was a farmer and a former Wilmington Township supervisor and Mercer County Commissioner. Ken passed away in March 2009 and his family and friends established this fund to award a scholarship to a graduating high school senior who is a resident of Mercer County and will pursue a degree in agriculture or animal science.  For the scholarship application, please visit:

The David T. Rynd Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in honor and memoriam of David T. Rynd for the purpose of awarding an individual who has a passion for agriculture and exemplifies the same moral character as Mr. Rynd, such as honesty, integrity, determination, outgoing personality, kindness to others, and a competitive spirit. This scholarship will be awarded to a Penn State University College of Agricultural Sciences student who is in their Junior or Senior year. The student must be from the 10-county Northwest Pennsylvania Region including Crawford, Venango, Erie, Mercer, Lawrence, Forest, Clarion, Butler, Armstrong and Warren counties. 
For the scholarship application, please visit

Leslie N. Firth Scholarship in Agriculture
Consideration shall be given to all full-time undergraduate students enrolled or planning to enroll in the College of Agricultural Sciences who are residents of Mercer County, and who have achieved superior academic records and/or have demonstrated outstanding character and leadership qualities as evidenced by participation in 4-H and extracurricular activities. This scholarship is endowed by the Mercer County Cooperative Extension Association from friends and family of Leslie N. Firth.  For more information, please visit
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